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Contracting as Software Tester, Engineer, Quality Analyst (May-2020 - Current)

Working on a number of projects until I find my next paid full-time gig. Drop me a line if you have any kind of testing work.
As per my LinkedIn post, whilst I have time, I'm happy to work pro bono for charities, any struggling businesses, and for new startups with cool new ideas.
I'm also stepping up my work for the Ministry of Testing - Auckland Branch in my role as a lead coordinator. setting up the new wiki, as well as hosting & documenting workshops like Ali Haydar's API Mocks and Testability
A fun little Javascript project I've been tinkering on is a webapp to generate a QR Code for the NZ Covid Tracing App. I think the government has made it far to cumbersome for people to be able to obtain QR codes, but go to my webapp, enter your preferred details, and you can scan it with the govt's app.