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Test Engineer - Fiserv (Jan 2017 - Apr-2020)

2020 Fiserv - Piyush Dungrani - LinkedIn recommendation
2020 Fiserv - K Vaughan Kaufman - KvK Consultancy
Fiserv Auckland produces mobile apps for 2000+ banks (8M active users), as well as the multi-tier web and API integration servers that interface to core online banking systems and third parties. Our solutions are configurable with varying degrees of customisation of features and branding. The banking domain is very strict and risk averse! Reliability and quality are particularly important. I've found testing our product complicated, difficult & challenging.
  • (2019-2020) - Sole developer of
  • (2017-2018) - QA member of agile teams delivering changes to a range of mobile banking solutions.
Whilst working at Fiserv I worked with the following technologies
  • Postman/Newman/Javascript/TV4 JSON validator
  • Node.js/Express.js/Pug (Simple Web UI, Data API for test results, task scripting, data analysis)
  • Splunk (system monitoring, setup data collectors, creating new dashboards)
  • TFS (Git repos, build server, and script scheduling)
  • Powershell (System deployment automation & TFS)
  • Octopus (deployment engine)
  • Specflow/C# (Gherkin API automation)
  • Mobile functional, accessibility, iOS upgrade testing
  • Platform API functional testing
  • XMind (Mind Mapping Tool)
  • Fiddler/Burp Suite (Network capturing)
  • Soap UI (API testing)