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Intro - I'm a Full Stack Agile Test Analyst

I love testing anything, and I'll use whatever resources and tools I can lay my hands on to do it. Every delivery team has different constraints, skills, processes, bottlenecks and opportunities for how they deliver product changes. I'll use the skills and resources already in the team, add my own skills and experiences, maybe sprinkle on some ideas from the test, agile, and dev communities, as well as some plain experimentation, to best test and deliver the product and process changes. Each context is different and I love adjusting the development, test, and delivery processes to match them to the context at hand. I like exploratory testing, and I also have fun coding automated checks. I do gravitate towards Context Driven Testing (CDT), and tend to agree with the thoughts and expressions from the leaders of the CDT community, such as James Bach and Michael Bolton. I really like Agile, which for me is "autonomy with responsibility through trust".
I think the essence of software development is still about people: It is Driven by people, Made by people, and Made for people. We all have emotions, passions, motivators, and more! We're all different, and we all have something unique to give.
I love to work with people that have a passion for what they do, and have fun doing it! Testing is my professional passion, and I love working with people who respect and challenge me to be my best.
I am open for freelance work, contracting, and permanent roles, also feel free to reach out for pro-bono work which I'm happy to do for charities, struggling businesses, start-ups with awesome new ideas, etc.