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My Portfolio

Design & Prototyping

I have been designing and prototyping many different products for school and personal use. I try to make my designs open source and available for everyone to use.


3D printing and Laser cutting

After buying a Tevo Black Widow in early 2017 I have been upgrading and improving it with my own open source parts Learn more...


Spatial Design

Starting level 3 spatial design this year I didn't really know what to expect. See my progress here...


Eco House Competition

Mean Green House Competition:
Secondary School 1st place (Year 9-10) 2016
By Chris Dirks View here...
Intermediate School 1st place (Year 7-8) 2015 By Chris Dirks & Chris Manning  View Here...


Metsoc Eco House Concepts

In 2018 I was able to present some joint research from the University of Auckland on the Micrometeorology of Houses. See the Poster Here...

My Place

A portfolio of work and ideas to try and help others.

Social Media