2020 Fiserv - Piyush Dungrani - LinkedIn recommendation

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LinkedIn Profile

Test Lead @ Fiserv NZ | Mobile & Web Apps | Testing | Troubleshooter | Agile | Customer & Quality | Blockchain & Crypto.

April 30, 2020

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Vincent, he has exceptional QA & Testing mindset, I am certain that regardless of product he would test - he is going to excel on all the avenues of testing - be it a dissection of requirements, creating insightful mindmaps, test charters, creating test cases, finding out defects, or troubleshooting anything.
I had a pleasure working with Vincent on various projects within Fiserv. The one which stands out is - He created an integration automation test suite from scratch using Postman with JavaScript, running it through various environments and providing Quality status of platform within few mins after deployment, he went above and beyond to configure Splunk into it, to log request and response data; and then created some amazing Dashboards out of it.
He is also and avid communicator, passionate, positive and enthusiastic person. I would recommend him any day to anyone, he is a real gem anyone would want to have in their crown.

Piyush was my QA tech lead and effectively the product owner for whom I made the Postman Testrunner Framework.