FirstAML - Test Analyst

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Oct-2020 - Mar-2021


AML/CFT Sector, Accessibility Testing,

Data Privacy, Postman, GraphQL,

Applitools, AWS, lambdas', and S3

FirstAML is a startup company dedicated to assisting organizations in meeting their AML/CFT compliance (Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism) requirements.

  • Served as one of two quality coaches supporting a team of six or so developers in the development of their ReactJS Web App for the platform.
  • Managed testing for a complex product, encompassing in-house features tailored for AML Analysts as well as client-facing, and end-user features.
  • Collaborated closely with AML analysts to comprehend the range of test scenarios for in-house features,
  • Thorough testing for accessibility and cross-device compatibility for end-user features.
  • Contributed to testing the security and privacy of sensitive data, including images of driver's licenses and passports.
  • Created a Postman collection for generating test data through the solution's API
  • Trialed Applitools for visual regression testing.
  • The front end was implemented using React.
  • The backend was implemented on AWS, with some lambda's, and S3 buckets for storage