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Check out my current GitHub Profile (as well as one from the past).

All of personal projects, as well as any technical tests I've been asked to do for job applications I tend to load up to GitHub.


Playwright Udemy Course (TypeScript)

I'm doing the Udemy Playwright: Web Automation Testing From Zero to Hero course.


After finishing the course I'm going to try use this to test some of my CV Wiki site.

Observability Project (JavaScript, Node.js, Docker)

See Observability Project page for how I'm progressing.


A tiny repo with dummy API to try deploy to my [ cloudlets provider].


A simple repo for a docker-compose.yml file for deploying a splunk image to my [ cloudlets provider].


I wanted a little app to tap out the beats and bars per minute for music I dance to for my ballroom dancing hobby.
Script to help me clean up a messy directory tree.


Selenium Jest Assessment (JavaScript)

Used JavaScript, Jest, and Selenium WebDriver to complete this task for a job interview

Instructions Received

Identify at least one test scenario from the website and automate it. 

Please use Selenium (No framework is necessary if you don't have one, you can use just raw Selenium). 

Please keep your code simple and concise.


C++: Fork of OSAQS-Firmware (2023) Helping my son with a ESP32 firmware project.

Tech Assessment (Java, TestNG, REST Assured)

Github repo: SecuritEaseTechAssessment

Instructions Received:

Quality Engineer Test

This is a practical test to understand your ability to create a test for an API. following the below instructions:

API Test:
  Code Test: API Testing with Java, Junit, and RestAssured
  Scenario: Automate the testing of a basic API functionality for a sample RESTful API.
  1. Use Java, Junit, and the RestAssured library for API test automation.
  2. The sample API endpoint is:
  3. The API returns a list of users in JSON format.

  1. Write a test script that automates the following scenarios:
     - Retrieve the list of users from the API.
     - Validate the response status code, content type, and schema.
     - Perform assertions to verify the correctness of the response data.
  2. Use appropriate assertions to validate the test results.
  3. Provide comments to explain the purpose of each test step.

2019 & 2020

Postman Object Models (JavaScript)

This repo contains the code and presentation notes for 2019 TestingMind conference in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as at 2020 TestingMind online conference for Sydney, Australia

It is a demo of how to create and use JavaScript classes (aka. object models) inside a Postman collection. It includes a simple API implemented in Node.js used by the Postman collection, and a Postman Collection to demonstrate the Postman Object Model concept.