Water Services Reform, DIA - Senior Test Automation Engineer

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Nov-2023 - Jan-2024

Contracting through TTC Global - Auckland Branch

The organisation was developing an Enterprise Asset Management system customized for water services entities. (eg. Watercare). The system under test, as well as the automation suites, were operated on the Azure DevOps (ADO) platform.

I contributed to the development of web browser UI automation suites implemented using Java, and frameworks such as Tidal. wave (built on Selenium) and Cucumber with BDD methodology.

I found Tidal. wave to be a valuable framework that streamlines element identification, assertions, and user interactions on web pages. I benefited significantly from the expertise of my team lead, Philip Kurian, a co-author of this open-source framework. (See Philip's Best Practices for browser automation code).


Shelly onboarded me to the Automation team