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Past Learning Projects


  • Postman - developing a framework that allows orchestration of calls in any API endpoint collection to mimic a number of typical user sessions with Fiserv's mobile apps. Also designing it to be re-usable across many testing, certification, and production environments, and for any Financial Institution configured in those environments. Previous API automation suites were all close tied to a specific data configuration of a mocked environment, and could not be used in fully integrated environments.


  • Extended internal SpecFlow (C#) suite of API automation checks for our interface with Card Services
  • Powershell scripts to help make manual deployments more efficient.

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Oct 2016

  • Selenium - setting it up on my mac with Maven. Exploring it with
  • Bootstrap - writing a static page showing 10 iFrames to show on a mobile - no joy
  • HTML - showing 10 iFrames side by side horizontally, one for each subject my son has at school.

Sep 2016

  • WikiMedia - using the wikipedia engine to set up this cvwiki and other wiki's

Stuff I was reading, watching, listing