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I started attending the WeTest (now Ministry of Testing - Auckland) events in 2014, and started presenting about testing in 2016, and was a lead coordinator from March 2019 till May 2021. As a lead coordinator I helped to organise professional development events for the Auckland testing community. Keeping a monthly schedule of evening presentations, organising host venues, food & sponsors.

A particular passion of mine has been to ramp up instructor led hands-on technology workshops.

Group activity has dwindled over the years, but there's still the occasional meeting about once a year.

Some of the talks I attended


  • To Boldly Go: Taking the Enterprise to Session-based Test Management by Aaron Hodder (Assurity)
  • Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ) by Kevin Venter (Xero)
  • Critical Thinking for Testers!
  • WeTest Breakfast CBD - Discuss the role of requirements & automation in testing (by me)
  • Test Planning - Level Up! by Kim Engel
  • WeTest Breakfast CBD - Discuss the 7 Principles of Software Testing (by me)
  • A practical on Visual Test Models
  • How to be a part of a cross-functional team and not suck at it
  • Pairing Experiment - a talk by Katrina Clokie